Monday, May 27, 2013

I have been migrating toward lightening and neutralizing in my living room.. I favor blues but it is difficult to incorporate blue in the color scheme.. I have a red fireplace that originally had a "screaming white" mantle.  I have been working on painting all my woodwork a soft mustard shade.. Here are some pics of the room in progress.  I painted my prairie sign this weekend not sure if I like it better.. and I also repainted my grandparents cabinet interior back to aged white from the blue..

Do you think its too colorless/monochromatic? The walls aren't white but buff actually..

This cabinet is quite a treasure to me - my folks keep after me to redo the base but I like the chippy paint.. it was my grandparents from the farm house Dad was born in - it is now burned down and I scarcely got the cabinet out before it was destroyed.  Dad repaired the base and he and I worked hard at saving the top.  The middle shelves were married in, built by Dad for me for helping him put stockade fence up :) great trade I'd say..