Thursday, August 15, 2013

House Pics

It's been a while since I posted.. thought I would share some pics of the house and my decorating.  I haven't really made alot of exciting changes I have added to my collections.  Its hard to know what to collect, for instance alot of people collect pewter.  Its lovely but I am not sure it fits with who I am.  I think I am better focusing on collecting wooden items like old wood bowls and the like.. wooden bowls are sure expensive on ebay.. I was delighted to find a huge wooden bowl with beautiful large rag balls for 7.99 last weekend.  I am convinced it was nothing short than a blessing from God.  It may sound silly but I have been really trying to understand God's love and it has been hard for me to understand his love.  I understand his righteousness but his love is something that I am trying to understand.  I think He delights in giving us things we enjoy.  Here are my rag balls..

I have been focusing on collecting some early blue calico.  I have been fortunate to collect some beautiful dolls by Alecia Maynard.  Here they are.. I love the early blues and the meticulous hand stitching.  Alecia is a lovely person too!

This is one of my favorites! She is a big girl she sits in a prim child's chair..

see her lovely face?

Here she is holding another of my Alecia dolls..

This one is Sarah Kate isn't she lovely?  She has a gusseted head she is quite special..

And now my cabin dolls... This is my big girl she is about 16" tall I think.. 

and the little ones.. all made of early fabric and hand stitching!

Now some updated pics of my Grandparents' cupboard that was rescued from the farmhouse before it burned..

Natural lighting.. see my pumpkin hooked rug?  Its by Jodi Parkes of FatHenFarm Primitives I love him because he has such a sweet look on his face - not one for mean look jack-o-lanterns lol

More Alecia dolls with my favorite brown bowls.. pinkeep by Debra Peterson and sweet log house by Traci Stoddard of York Mountain Primitives

played with the lighting here..

see my ditty bags? They are hanging on the door they are early blue also.. made by Alecia Maynard as well.. I love them!

I guess I get carried away with the early calico.. I decided to overhaul this candlestick light..

 I have been painting signs and selling various things on ebay - decluttering which enables me to replace old things with new.. I have been able to finally buy an Heirloom Weavers blanket and pillow shams.  I want to get a coverlet but I need to save alot of pennies!  When I finally get everything situated I will snap a pic!

Thank you for looking at my pics I had alot this time..

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